IIV Discography

In The House 12" & 7" Single

January 1986

After IIV moved to Toronto in the fall of 1985, they arranged with WEA to allow Quality Records to release a re-recorded version of In The House as a single. The band hired Dee Long of Klaatu fame to rerecord the song, keeping only a few elements of the original recording.

There were three edits and an extended remix of new version of In The House: a radio edit and video edit which were released on a special edition small-hole 7” to radio stations, and a full length single edit 7” for sale in record stores as well as the extended remix released as a 12” single.

The version of Holiday on this single is the original Gary Wright version from the unreleased Hands and Hearts album, which wasn't supposed to appear anywhere. However, due to another tape mix-up at the WEA warehouse, this version showed up on the record, much to the band's surprise.

Quality Records QDC 311
In The House produced and re-recorded by Dee Long at ESP Studios, Buttonville, Ontario
Holiday produced and Engineered by Gary Wright at his studio at Palos Verdes, California

Graphic Layout by: Steven R. Gilmore, Assisted by Greg Sykes
Front cover photo by: Ralph Brodie, band photos by Andrew McNaughton


In the House (single version)
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Holiday (version)

In the House (extended version)
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Holiday (version)

In the House (radio edit)

In the House (video edit)
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